My favourite places in Wester Hailes

Eunice 2

It’s a lovely park to go and sit on a nice day. I remember them building it!


My name is Eunice and I have lived in Wester Hailes since 1991.

Eunice 3

Takes me back to my childhood!

Eunice 4

Eunice 5

I do love ‘beaming’! The higher the better!

Eunice 6

I’m not scared of heights!

Eunice 7

On top of the world….

Eunice 8


Eunice 9

Shame that slide is over…..

Eunice 10

Eunice 11

Eunice 12

This is Clovenstone Drive. I used to live up here…

Eunice 13

There used to be a park here and I could see these trees from my house. It’s now all grassed over and is not used as a park any more. They used to have a chute and a flying fox.

Eunice 14

Eunice 15

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