National Youth Choir of Scotland concert this Sunday

By Sarah Brown, Forrester High School pupil

On June 15th 2014, the Senior and Chamber sections of the National Youth Choir Of Scotland (Nycos for short) will be performing in one of their concerts. These concerts take place twice a year, one at Christmas and one before the summer holidays. The concert this Sunday will take place at The Parish of St.Cuthberts Church, Lothian Road, Edinburgh Concert and will start at 7.00pm.

Ticket prices are £8 for adults or £5 for senior adults.

NYCOS is a large group of talented young singers who are eager to learn more about music. We have different groups for different ages and abilities. These are the Trainers, Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors and Chamber choir. We meet once a week with the Trainers and Juniors attending on Wednesdays and the Intermediates, Seniors and Chamber Choir attending on Thursdays. Our sessions take place at St. George’s School for girls in Edinburgh, but both male and female singers are welcome to join the choir.

Our night at NYCOS is split into two. The majority of the night is spent as a choir altogether and the rest of the night there we spend learning about music theory and how to read music in smaller groups.

The choir is a fantastic way to socialize with other people who enjoy singing just as much as you do but at the same time it teaches us so much. It helps greatly to improve your voice and understanding of music theory too. If music is something that you enjoy and would like to take further then NYCOS is a great choir to get involved with. The concerts themselves are very lively and enjoyable to listen to, as well as take part in. Overall NYCOS could really affect your approach to music and could help to improve your musical skills.

If you would like to purchase tickets for the concert or apply for an audition to become a member of the choir, contact Bill Dove on 07779 777 569 or at .

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