One Direction made me faint!

By Lauren Howatson, a Forrester High School pupil.

I went to the One Direction concert on 3 June. I was queuing from 11 am even though the concert did not start until 7o’clock in the evening. There were so many people in the queue I missed my auntie and my cousin twice but eventually I found them.

When I finally got into Murrayfield stadium it was about 5.15pm. Then I stood and waited till 6 o clock for the concert to actually start. By that point I was really tired!  It had been a long day as I was up at 7am.  Before I left for the concert I had breakfast,  then  had lunch when I was waiting in the queue then had a sandwich for dinner at 3 as we had been queuing for so long.

A band called 5 seconds of summer came on about 6 o’clock and I thought they were good.  They finished after half an hour, but it was announced that One direction were late.  They didn’t come on until 8.00 by which time it was loud, crowded, people were throwing beach balls, pushing and shoving, screaming and shouting hurry up and it was very hot. I felt dizzy with all the standing around but a lady gave me wine gums to help.  They helped me a wee bit and my auntie gave me water. Then I got back up again and tried to carry on but I felt dizzy again so my auntie got help.

Next thing I knew I woke up being carried through to the first aid tent where I  was given a biscuit and water.  My auntie said the concert had been stopped because I had passed out. It was very scary for me and my auntie because I went grey at one point!

I was annoyed I fainted at their concert because I love one direction. The British Red Cross people gave me a blanket because I was shivering. Even though I was ill I still had a good time.  I just wish I had been able to see my favourite band after waiting so long!



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