First Day at Green Gym

It was on a May morning last year. I arrived early and sat in a waiting area. I wasn’t sure what to expect and felt nervous however my sturdy boots gave me confidence. Fiona was the first to arrive then a few others. We trooped into the kitchen. Everyone knew what to do. There was a purposeful clattering of pots and pans and chopping of vegetables. I peeled some potatoes.

Soon there was a delicious smell of soup.

More folk arrived including Joyce. We all sat round the big table for lunch.
After this we walked along the canal to the community garden at Calders. I was glad the pace was not too fast. It was a lovely summer day, swans glided past on the still waters. Traffic was just a distant murmur, this was an oasis within the city.

That day the main task was clearing long grass from the ground to be cultivated, so we cut it down with shears while Joyce used the strimmer. I didn’t feel up to helping much. Fiona gathered a bunch of the tall meadow grasses to take home to dry.

Submitted by Gavin



You can find out more about joining in some of the activities organised by the Wester Hailes Health Agency in the guise of their Green Gym by having a look at their Facebook page here. 

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