“The Huts” film screening TONIGHT at WHALE

“The Huts – A film from Wester Hailes” (1985 television documentary) will be shown at WHALE Arts on Tuesday August 5th at 7 p.m. Journey back to Wester Hailes in the 1980s and see the faces and places that made Wester Hailes an interesting place to be thirty years ago. Then ask yourself: What makes Wester Hailes an interesting place to be today? After the film there will be an opportunity to talk about what kinds of activities people get involved in now (or would like to get involved with in the future). Is there interest in telling the story of Wester Hailes today in a similar way—using documentary film or other media? If so, there could be an opportunity to do this as part of the current community evaluation process. Free admission–and popcorn will be served!

Submitted by Janice Astbury


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