Edible Estates Presentation and Tour


There was a presentation and tour by Wester Hailes Edible Estates last week, highlighting some of the work they do around the area. The Digital Sentinel was there to bring you the news and interview Greig Robertson who leads the Edible Estates project .

Wester Hailes Edible Estates, is a collaborative project between Wester Hailes Health Agency, City of Edinburgh Council and Re:Solution.

What they are trying to do is explore opportunities of developing greenspace areas within council estates which will bring benefits to local residents and the environment, with projects such as community food growing projects.


The presentation covered the work done by Edible Estates in the community, including the hugely successful launch of the community growing hubs in Clovenstone and Calders.  Greig outlined some of the organisation’s  future plans.

They would like to use the success of growing hubs to work more cooperatively with the Council. The group hopes that as the Council has had to make cuts, (meaning that the staff that maintain greenspaces has had to be decreased), they can work with the Council helping maintain green areas around the community turning them into pleasant, vibrant areas used to grow flowers and food.

After the presentation we were all taken on a sunny tour of the growing hub and community garden in the Calders.


Here is the short interview we did with Greig at the Calders Community Garden.

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