Healthy Living Centre Bus Stop: Work Started

Healthy Living Centre Bus Stop Works

Work has started on the new bus shelter for the Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre. This comes after a campaign by local residents, led by the Community Council who felt that the current bus stop was unsuitable for people with mobility problems.

Healthy Living Centre Bus Stop Works

The new plans are to create a bus shelter on Wester Hailes Road at the current bus stop on Harvesters Way. A path will run from the shelter to the Healthy Living Centre where the current metal fence is which will provide disabled access to the building.

Healthy Living Centre Bus Stop Works

The hope is that the new plans will improve the building, making it much more accessible and fixing the current problem that a building meant for those with health problems had no access for people with trouble walking. However, the plans may not be what everyone was hoping for, with some feeling that it is still too far away and up a hill.

Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre Bus Stop works

What do you think about the new bus stop plans? Do you think it will cause more people to use the Healthy Living Centre? Let us know.  Comments welcome below!

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