Domestic abuse to be police target over Christmas


Police in Edinburgh have today launched their annual campaign to tackle domestic abuse during the festive season.

As part of Police Scotland’s national commitment to tackling domestic abuse, officers within the Capital will run a nine-day initiative aimed at targeting perpetrators and supporting victims.

Between 15th and 24th December police will carry out pro-active bail checks on individuals currently on release for domestic abuse offences to ensure they are adhering to the terms of their bail. Anyone found to be in breach of these conditions will be arrested immediately.

In addition, officers from the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit will issue a letter to a number of people within the city who are currently subject to a live warrant for domestic abuse.

Those who receive a letter will be advised to make contact with police immediately to resolve their warrants or face further police action.

A ‘day of action’ will then be undertaken on Wednesday 17th December to identify and arrest anyone who fails to settle the terms of their warrant.

Edinburgh Division’s Facebook page and the seven Twitter pages across the city will be used throughout the campaign to provide updates on police action, results and to raise awareness about the issue of domestic abuse.

Daily posts on social media will contain information about the partner agencies that work with Police Scotland in Edinburgh and will start on Monday 15th December until the 24th December.

Superintendent Liz McAinsh said: “We are committed to tackling domestic abuse and are dedicating more officers to this issue over the festive period.

“We see a rise in reported incidents at this time, many that are fuelled by too much alcohol, so in addition to carrying out enforcement activity we are working with social work and health colleagues to ensure appropriate assistance is provided to partners and families.

“Our message is that we will not tolerate domestic abuse or violence in any form and will continue to lock up those responsible and bring them to justice. I would ask people to help by reporting concerns they see and hear to us.”

Councillor Ricky Henderson

Councillor Ricky Henderson

Councillor Ricky Henderson, Convener of Health, Social Care and Housing, said: “There are a shocking 5,500 reported cases of domestic abuse in Edinburgh each year, but we know that the real figure is likely to be significantly higher, once you add in all the incidences which go un-reported.

“Nobody should have to suffer domestic abuse at any time of year. We want to reach out to those affected by domestic abuse, or anyone who has concerns about others who are suffering.

“I would urge people to drink sensibly over the festive season and to consider how their behaviour affects their loved ones. We will continue to work closely with Police Scotland and other partner organisations to protect vulnerable families and individuals.”

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