Police report: Crime figures in Wester Hailes

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At the recent meeting of Wester Hailes Community Council a local police officer gave a short report detailing the crimes which happened in the area from 1 November 2014  to 10 December 2014.

Theft and vandalism have the highest crimes and lowest solved rate. The police have noted the problems at the Plaza and explained they are trying to keep that under control with regular visits.

During the Community Council meeting the police officer had to leave the room three times to deal with noisy unruly children in the Library building. The council expressed the view that the library staff are doing sterling work in trying to keep situations within the library under control. At the end of the meeting there were some young people in the library who were being told that they had already been excluded and that they should leave the building. It is apparent that this problem is not yet resolved, but Sean Bell from the Social Work department explained they are doing some work behind the scenes.


7 – Nuisance Calls
3 – Drugs
14 – Disturbance
2 – Neighbour Calls -Theft,

7 – Housebreakings (includes garages, sheds etc.)
4 – Assault

46 – Other Crimes

Calders, Westburn, Sighthill, Murrayburn and Harvesters

61 – Nuisance Calls
6 – Drugs
48 – Disturbance
5 – Neighbour Calls
4 – Hate Crime
29 – Thefts
6 – Housebreakings (one was theft of fuel from yard and two were reports of a person in a garden)
13 – Assault

152 – Crimes



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