The Big Debate is coming to Wester Hailes

Whale 16

The Big Debate with Gordon Brewer will be broadcast from the WHALE Arts Centre, 30 Westburn Grove, on Friday 5 December. The doors will open at 11.15am with the show airing between 12pm – 1pm.

The Big Debate is BBC Radio Scotland’s version of the TV debate programme Question Time and is hosted by former Newsnight presenter Gordon Brewer.

They look for questions on the most stimulating moral, political and social issues of the day – the current issues that will get people talking. The programme gives people the opportunity to challenge politicians, policy makers, writers and thinkers.

You can apply to be part of the audience by emailing  or phoning 0141 422 7776.

Questions should be brief and to the point if possible and should be on something that’s been reported in the news. As the programme broadcasts to a Scotland wide audience, we look for issues that raise matters of genuine national and international interest and remember to keep an eye on the newspapers. Once you know what you want to ask, email your question to us at by 5.30pm, Thursday 4th December.  Please be aware we’re not able to guarantee that all questions will be used.

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