Break in at Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre

WH_HealthyLivingCentre 2The Digital Sentinel is starting the year with some breaking news about a break in over Saturday night and Sunday morning at the Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre.

Whoever is responsible ran amok in the building and “completely trashed” the yellow reception area and there are broken windows at ground floor level where they appear to have gained entry.

Elsewhere the Health Agency’s safe was found in the middle of the floor where the thieves had clearly tried to open it.

More details and photos as we get them but the Healthy Living Centre is open as normal this morning, although you will have to understand that some of the facilities are damaged and a clear up operation is ongoing.

WH_HealthyLivingCentre 10

If you are reading this article on paper and would like to visit the website then scan the QR code on the left with a smartphone or tablet and you will be taken straight there.

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