Garden Kitchen Launch at the Health Agency

health Agency Garden Kitchen Launch

The Health Agency launched their Garden Kitchen today and the Digital Sentinel was there to try the food.

The launch was going well when we paid a visit with a huge queue of staff, some commenting that they had followed their noses to the soup, and Health Agency users eagerly waiting for some healthy homemade food.

health Agency Garden Kitchen Launch

The Garden Kitchen will run for the next five weeks on Tuesdays from 12.00pm – 2.00pm at the Health Agency in the Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre. it will provide healthy lunches for everyone who uses the Health Agency’s services and the Healthy Living Centre staff. You are promised a delicious selection of healthy soups, salads and smoothies made from a selection of home grown herbs and salads from the courtyard garden.

Tracey Lee who works with the Health Agency and West Edinburgh Time Bank said:

This is a six week trial so we will be here for five more weeks at the same time. After that we will gauge interest and if its succesful we hope to do more days and have a bigger range of food.

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