Pedestrian crossings on Dumbryden Island

Dumbryden Drive Sign

I leave my flat to go to work or the the Plaza or simply to take a walk along the canal with my baby daughter and, wherever I choose to go, I need to cross the road. However, there are no pedestrian crossings at all along Dumbryden Drive. ”Maybe this is the street the council forgot?” I tell myself. But no.

The Dumbryden Drive/Murrayburn Road/Parkhead Drive intersection does not have a single crossing. It can be a busy intersection, with two bus routes going past it. If I keep walking this way, I can’t see a single crossing until quite some way into Longstone.

Walking the other way, I can’t even legally cross the street to take my baby to the park and the canal.

I notice that I have to cross a few streets and bridges on my way to the Plaza and nowhere do I see a single white stripe of paint on the road.
Clovenstone Road only has one crossing towards the top, and it’s nowhere near where the school kids take or get off the bus.

Is Wester Hailes the area the crossing painters forgot? It seems that there was meant to be some crossings because there are relief dots for blind people to cross, but there is no paint on the road. I see myself as entitled to cross everywhere those dots are, but not a single car ever stops for me and the buggy.

Is it time for the people of Wester Hailes to voice their concern about road crossing safety? or are we going to wait until a youngster gets run over on his/her way out of Dumbryden/Wester Hailes Island?

Submitted by Serge

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