Scottish Government continues counci tax freeze

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The Scottish Government has frozen council tax for the eighth year in a row across all of Scotlands thiry-two local authorities.

Local authorities have confirmed that in setting their budgets for 2015-16 they have agreed to maintain their council tax at 2014-15 levels, bringing the average household saving as a result of the initiative to around £1,200 for a Band D house.

The Scottish Government has fully funded the council tax freeze by providing an extra £70 million each year which is included in the local government finance settlement of over £10.85 billion for 2015-16 which the Scottish Government is providing to help maintain and develop the services on which the people and businesses of Scotland depend.

Announcing the Scotland-wide freeze, the Deputy First Minister said:

This is the eighth successive year that we have worked with our local government partners to maintain council tax at 2007-08 levels, which is good news for communities and households who will benefit from the savings this brings in a challenging economic climate. Savings that amount to around £1,200 for the average Band D household.

This partnership approach with local government is delivering real benefits for the people of Scotland in the face of the biggest reduction in public spending imposed by Westminster on any Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government is focused on securing economic growth, tackling inequality and protecting our public services and it’s great news for Scottish households who will be spared a raise in council tax for the eighth consecutive year.

Next month I will bring a further Order to Parliament to distribute the shares of the £70 million and these shares will be added to individual local authority settlement totals for 2015-16.

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