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The line up for T in the Park was announced yesterday and it caused David Marshall, who works with Dads Rock, to give us his opinion on the importance of an entertainment factor in live music:

Many people spend their hard earned cash (many people save for months) to see live bands for a variety of reasons, to see their idol/s, a few hours away from the four walls of their house or, in my case, to be entertained and blown away.

In my opinion, there are only a few bands out there, that when they play live, really captivate and entertain an audience. Sure, all bands can go on stage and be loud and leave the audience with ringing ears that fades within a day, but not many “stadium bands” nowadays can master the art of reaching out to the back row of a Murrayfield, Hampden or indeed a Wembley crowd……


You witness the force of the Foo Fighters, Muse, and Queen. Freddie Mercury, often penned as the ultimate showman, was a master of communicating with enormous audiences, where it be 60,000 plus at Wembley Stadium to over 200,000 people at Live In Rio in 1983. This “technique” comes, like anything, with practice, starting off in intimate venues to perhaps a handful of people to gradually becoming the master of your art in front of thousands.

I have personally been to see many acts in very large venues, and left the gig feeling let down, cheated almost, due to the lack of “entertainment value” from the band.

The bands noted above, have followed the “Queen & Freddie Mercury” pattern in terms of stage craft. They ALL know that their fans are hard working and dedicated and know, that when they pay £35.00 upwards for a ticket, they have to be & WILL be entertained!

So , this asks the question for many, who is your ultimate live act and why?

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