Dog owners alerted to vomiting bug

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A warning has been issued for dog owners after several Edinburgh vets have recorded a large amount of cases of a vomiting bug.

The bug known as gastroenteritis causes vomiting, diarrhea and several other severe symptoms. Pentland Veterinary Clinic issued the following comment on their Facebook page:

A warning to all the dog owners out there.

There is a very nasty gastroenteritis bug doing the rounds just now, not just in our area, but across Edinburgh. The emergency clinics are being inundated with cases and some, sadly, have proven so severe as to be fatal.

We would warn everyone to be especially vigilant of what your dog may be eating when off lead, and to take fresh water with you to try and avoid them drinking from puddles, ditches or stagnant water.

The advice for anyone who thinks their dog could be affected is to contact their vet as soon as possible.

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