Lothian Buses announce fare changes


Lothian Buses have announced that they will be making changes to their fares from Sunday 19 April 2015.

The price of both adult and child single fares as well as NIGHT tickets will remain the same, with the majority of the changes impacting ridacards. The price of an adult dayticket will rise by 50p to £4.00 and the price of a family dayticket will increase to £8.50. There is a complete list of the changes to ridacard prices below.

Lothian Buses General Manager Jim McFarlane said:

Our ticket range offers great value for what continues to be one of the highest rated bus services out there.

To continue to deliver these high standards we occasionally need to reconsider our fare structure.  The majority of ticket prices being revised were last changed three or more years ago and since then we have made significant improvements to our service and to our network.

We continue to invest and with 117 new high quality vehicles put into service over the last two years, passengers experience the very best. At the same time, we’ve rolled out Wi-Fi across the fleet which passengers can use free of charge. As additional benefits, customers can also now use their Ridacard on night buses and on the Edinburgh Trams service.

The business has performed well financially in recent years and continues to pay a healthy dividend to the city based on that performance.

We’re confident that we can continue to play a central role in city life whilst offering great value for money. As we progress we will always look for ways to improve the service for our passengers who are always at the heart of what this company does.

Lesley Hinds, Chair of Transport for Edinburgh, added:

We are pleased with the progress that is being made through the interim leadership arrangements now in place at Lothian Buses.  The decision to freeze the single fare and all child tickets is to be welcomed in the context of wider commercial decisions which were taken by the Lothian Buses Board.

Passenger numbers across bus and tram operations are exceeding business plan expectations and the way forward, through Transport for Edinburgh, is for a common fares strategy to be developed for both modes which emphasises customer choice and best value.

A copy of the full list of changes from the Lothian buses website is below:

Current Revised  Increase
Airlink Single £4.00 £4.50 £0.50
Airlink Return £7.00 £7.50 £0.50
Adult DAYticket £3.50 £4.00 £0.50
Family DAYticket £7.50 £8.50  £1
Student Ridacard (1 week) £13.00 £15.00 £2 (29p per day)
Student Ridacard (4 week) £40.00 £45.00  £5 (18p per day)
Student Ridacard (Direct Debit) £36.00 £40.00 £4 (13p per day)
Student Ridacard (Annual) £468.00 £525.00 £57 (16p per day)
Adult Ridacard (1 week) £17.00 £18.00 £1 (14p per day)
Adult Ridacard (4 week) £51.00 £54.00 £3 (11p per day)
Adult Ridacard (Direct Debit) £48.00 £50.00 £2 (7p per day)
Adult Ridacard (Annual) £612.00 £630.00 £18 (5p per day)
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