Radical Question Time tonight at WHEC

WHEC School Sign

Radical Scotland are holding a Radical Question Time event for Edinburgh South West at Wester Hailes Education Centre this evening at 7.00pm.

The event will be attended by Joanna Cherry, the SNP candidate, Ricky Henderson, the Labour candidate and Richard Doherty the Green candidate.The following information is taken from the event’s Facebook page.

Radical Scotland is campaigning for a better Scotland, free from poverty, and with hope for all our children. We argued for a YES vote in the Referendum but now want everyone to work together for a better type of Scotland.

We want to challenge the hopes of the majority of Scots into grassroots campaigns that can transform our country and our people.

We want to end the drabness of the Cameron years and build a better tomorrow.

A General Election is time to hold our politicians to account. We have asked them hard questions and got their answers.

Now we are organising “Question Time” meetings all across Edinburgh so you can come along and ask them your own questions.

An election is not just a vote. It is a chance to end the old and start the new. We have organised a series of constituency meetings across Edinburgh.

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