Spring garden launch reaches out to community


Last Saturday, a chilly pre-spring afternoon, a number of brave souls attended the Edible Estates Spring garden event.

There was great local healthy food, bread, scones and buns. Hot warming soup. Lots of digging to get you warm and foot tapping music to dig along with.


There was also a huge range of activities such as face painting, making seed pots, chalk drawing, and seed planting for the young ones.

All this was to make the people of Clovenstone aware that now is the time to get involved in this great Community venture to grow and manage  your own Community garden, with your own raised beds.

Edible Estates workers were on hand with advice on how to do this. A great turnout of children, but also the project requires commitment from parents to be successful. So the more people that can get involved the better.

Workshops for the garden will be resuming at the weekends.


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