Meeting to discuss mural on new ‘Link’

Underpass Mural Meeting Edinburgh College of Art

There was a meeting today between community organisations, local activists and students of the Edinburgh College of Art to discuss the creation of a mural on the completed ‘link’ to the Healthy Living Centre.

The meeting today was the first time the students has seen the proposed site of the artwork and involved a short tour of the area and the Healthy Living Centre. There was a lot of optimism from both the students and local organisations and plans appear to be moving ahead with a range of design ideas being produced over coming weeks.

Underpass Mural Meeting Edinburgh College of Art

The new ‘link’ will create a straight route from Westside Plaza to the Healthy Living Centre, removing the steps and making it far more accessible. The completed link will have a wall running along one side, with plans being that the wall will incorporate a mural designed in collaboration between the community and artists from Edinburgh College of Art. It is expected that construction of the new link will begin next month. You can find out more about the link and the campaigning that led to its creation here.

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