Police Scotland issue new way to report lost property

Police Scotland have revealed a new, easier way to report lost property.

Police Scotland now has an online form in which you can enter your lost property information 24/7. The information you provide will be checked against the found property. If there is a match, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Supt Andrew Allan, Criminal Justice, Policy said:

Police Scotland receives over 80,000 items of Lost Property each year and in 2014 £31,700 was returned to owners after being handed into police. We ensure that efforts are made to reunite all items found with their owner and if not claimed that they are disposed of securely.

Objects that regularly get handed in to Police Stations include money, bank cards, garden equipment, golf clubs, prams & bikes.

The more unusual items that have been found and handed into stations include; a rowing boat, dinghy, life size figure/statue, drone, picnic bench and even someone’s false teeth.

If the found property hasn’t been reunited by the owner within three months, the most of the items are sent to auction. However, bicycles which can be mended and re-cycled are given to various charities around the country. An example is the ‘Coming Home’ charity which trains and supports injured service personnel.

Items of property which we would never allow to be claimed by the finder, or sold at auction include: Mobile phones, laptops, MP3 or MP4 players, counterfeit goods, alcohol or safety equipment. All these items are secured destroyed.

To report lost property, the form is on the Police Scotland website.

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