Mini-Snappers fun at WHALE

Mini Snappers 4

As part of Voluntary Arts Week the WHALE Arts Centre organised a Mini-Snappers event on Friday 15 May 2015.

The event provided a group of six children the opportunity to work with a professional photographer Raymond Keith, and members of WHALE’s monthly darkroom group for adults, “the WHALE Snappers” in WHALE’s very own darkroom.

Mini Snappers Darkroom 2This inter-generational group worked together to use everyday objects such as leaves to create photograms, a unique art-form requiring only light and a photosensitive object. The group experimented with things that were transparent, translucent, opaque to see the different effects, images and designs they could create.

Everyone had a lot of fun with the creation of photograms being something that the children had never done before, with the two volunteers from Snappers having a lot of fun working with and helping the children.

Mini Snappers Darkroom 1The WHALE Snappers meet once a month on Wednesdays at the WHALE Arts Centre 6.00pm – 9.00pm, and costs £4 per session. Anyone with an interest in taking photos, learning about film cameras and printing in a traditional darkroom is welcome to join our evening sessions once a month. Led by a friendly professional photographer, all levels of experience from novice to expert welcome.

For more information visit WHALE Arts website, facebook page or twitter.



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