Railway safety advice from Trackoff

Wester Hailes Train Station

After yesterday’s article about children being filmed running on the train tracks at Wester Hailes station, here is some information and advice from Trackoff about the dangers of train tracks.


Children and teenagers are not always aware of the dangers in the railway environment. Of course, areas created for the travelling public are safe: stations, platforms, trains, level crossings and footbridges. But if you go to areas you are not supposed to go, you will put yourself in serious danger.

Wester hailes Train Station ScotRail sign

Trains can’t stop quickly

Trains can travel at 125 mph and take the length of 20 football pitches to stop. If you are in the way the train won’t stop – the driver will not see you until it’s too late.

Up to 60 people are killed on the railway every year by crossing the tracks, taking short cuts or playing chicken.

You can’t hear a train coming

Modern trains are deceptively silent – and extremely fast. A train travelling at 125 mph takes only 7 seconds to travel a quarter of a mile. It is never safe to take a short cut across the tracks – it may cut your life short.

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