Gorgie City Farm Fest


Gorgie City Farm is opening its doors between 11.00am and 4.00pm on 1 August 2015, for Farm Fest; a one-day, free entry, gala-type extravaganza for all ages.

Gorgie City Farm is a much loved, community-run farm in the heart of Edinburgh. With previous Farm Fests having attracted around three thousand visitors, the event is a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of the Farm, fundraise for the charitable social inclusion work it does, as well as a great day out for all.

This year’s event will include popular activities such as face painting, a bouncy castle, a bucking bronco, arts and crafts workshops, meeting the animals, as well as the addition of a “mini-festival,” with local bands playing live music all day and refreshments being served up by local breweries and our very own Gorgie Farm BBQ.

Gorgie Farm welcomes over 100,000 visitors each year, as well as hosting 150 volunteers a week. However, we have become increasingly aware that our visitors and volunteers don’t always reflect the diversity of the local area. To this end, we want to make Farm Fest 2015 about inclusiveness and the whole community.

We are currently on the look out for any person or persons from any background who would be interested in coming to Farm Fest; be this as a visitor, maybe by playing music -whatever is important to you, Gorgie Farm and Farm Fest would love to be part of it.

 So grab your best party outfit, and see you at Farm Fest 2015!

For more information visit the Gorgie City Farm website or the event’s facebook page. You can also get in touch at  lisa@gorgiecityfarm.org.uk

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