Willow Gardening Group: Join in the fun

Calders Community Garden Willow

We took a trip to the Calders Community Garden today to visit the Willow Gardening Group and see all the work they have been doing on the garden.

The group, which is linked to the Health Agency and used to be named the Green Gym, officially meets every Tuesday at the Healthy Living Centre at 12.45pm.  However, they usually turn up early for some lunch at the Garden Kitchen Cafe first. They then walk along the canal to the Calders Community Garden. The sessions are open to everyone and they encourage people to join them at the garden, they usually arrive at 1.15pm.

Calders Community Garden WillowThe group then does some therapeutic gardening, encouraging people to get active, get outside try new things and to have a chat. They are currently focused on weeding the garden and harvesting all of the delicious fruit that is growing.

They will be holding a Willow Garden and Orchard celebration on Thursday 3 September 2015, 2.00pm – 6.00pm and would invite everyone to come along, see how the garden is doing and join in with some fun activities (they promise to have a smoothie bike!).

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