Slowly, following the deer closely, watching its every move.
Quietly, ready to pounce, in the deadly silence. ’’BANG, BANG, BANG’
The deer flees into the cold darkness of the forest, away from the hunters view.
Suddenly panic sweeps through her mind, panic is visible in her eyes.
Running back to it’s home. Desperately looking for any sign of them, but they are gone…
Spotting blood on the walls of the cave, she loses focus. It can’t be true. They must be here. Sniffing for their scent, she has their scent but it’s fading. She can still smell it but it’s fading into the forest in the night.
Hungry she runs, after the slowly disappearing scent of her dead babies. She might not get them back, but she can chase for revenge. Revenge is her only choice. Continuously running, heart beating rapidly, out of breath, tired, hurting, doubled vision.
She falls failing to ever stand up…

Submitted by Dorota

This post was submitted by a pupil from WHEC as part of a creative writing project between WHEC, WHALE Arts, the Digital Sentinel and author Sophie Cooke funded by the Kiran’s Trust. You can find some of the other posts here.

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