Competition Time – Wester Hailes By My-Selfie

As part of our community outreach we have been providing I.T support whilst out and about in Wester Hailes.  Today we were showing people how to take selfies on their mobile phones!

Cue our next competition.  To enter all you have to do is send us in a selfie of you in your favourite place, building, community group, garden etc in Wester Hailes. All the selfies will be featured on our online gallery.

Take a selfie wherever makes you happy.  It could be at the allotments, at the library? At the canal?  We would love to see the places that make you smile.  Please share your Wester Hailes By My-Selfies with us!

The closing date for entries is Thursday 12 May 2016, 12.00pm. The winner will receive a Digital Sentinel T-shirt!

Here is our selfie at our pop up desk at the Plaza today…conveniently advertising our I.T drop in dates :)



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