Bumps to Baby: A new young parents group

Bumps to Baby a new young parents group is looking for young parents who might be interested in this new project.

The aim of the group is to break down isolation, increase young parents’ confidence and help them make positive life choices for themselves and their child. The young parents that attend would have the opportunity to participate in courses, learn new skills and gain new experiences as well as learning how to cook healthy meals on a budget. As this group is funded through Activity Agreements, young people would need to be on an Activity Agreement to attend.

An Activity Agreement is an agreement between a young person and an advisor that the young person will take part in a programme of learning and activity which helps them to become ready for formal learning or employment. Attending the Bump to Baby Group could be their activity. The young person may receive an allowance in return for complying with this agreement. For example if a young person is receiving income support they can still apply for education maintenance allowance of £30 per week on top of their income support. Free bus travel is also provided.

For more information contact Michelle on 07823348558.


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