Hidden Door: Art in the Dark

Yesterday I made my yearly visit to the Hidden Doors Exhibition held once again in the old Edinburgh Council lighting department offices and courtyard.

This year though actually getting in was quite an event. You enter through a door and immediately are plunged in to darkness after a few seconds a faint subdued light comes on and you can move slowly on then you are plunged back in to darkness again.

And there I was stuck. Totally unsure where to go or move to, a very strange feeling, but luckily enough another fellow traveller came in and between us we eventually found the blackout curtains which hid the door in to the courtyard.

Each year The Hidden Doors take over an empty council building for about a week, they get together lots of artists and allow them free reign show off their work and to display it as they would like it too be seen.

Entry is free during the day but evening performances have a charge. There is music food performers and lots of rooms displaying artists work you can literally spend hours in this venue.

The full venue can be seen here.

Have a look below for some photos of my visit.

Story and photos submitted by David Jacobs.

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