Young artist’s work on display at WHALE


WHALE Arts would like to invite local people along to a free mini-exhibition currently on display at the WHALE Arts Centre.

The art on display in the WHALE Pod is created by Mark Penrose a young self-taught artist who aspires to create a body of work which inspires others and encourage those who view his work to think about their own experiences and personal development.

I’m inspired by the things I see around me and want to capture and refine them through various mediums. Each work is like a challenge  that I have to overcome through continual process of trial and error. My satisfaction comes from a sense of breakthrough and eventual completion.

More than ever it seems that many of us are left isolated, with the self-confidence needed to thrive. I want to create art that celebrates the creative will and gives those who see it a window into ourselves”

The art is available to view at the WHALE Arts Centre, so make sure to have a look and leave some feedback next time you are in the building.

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