Street Smart coming to Clovenstone


Street Smart a new interactive board game aimed to teach children and young people about challenging issues and promote positive behaviour may be coming to Clovenstone.

The game created by Don Sinclair from Wester Haven in 2005 is a new interesting and fun way to engage with young people on issues like smoking, drugs, alcohol education, offending, truancy, fire raising and even community safety. Don met with colleagues from Wester Hailes Edible Estates and Edinburgh Council in the Health Agency today to show them the game. Both groups have been in contact with Clovenstone Primary School and are keen to use it with the pupils, believing it to be an interesting way to engage with young people in a safe space.

Each player or team selects a character to play as, they then have to travel across the board visiting each of the community areas represented on the board. The winner is the first player or team to win a badge from each venue and then reach the end of the journey, simulating the walk home from school. Along the route players are presented with scenarios on some of the issues outlined above.

“Street Smart” is an interactive board game for young people to challenge issues and promote positive behaviour.

The original game was focused at engaging young people of Primary School Age; it has been successfully used at the Barnardo’s Matrix Project in sessions involving the Community Police, the Fire Brigade and in Primary Schools. It has also been used to work with young people at Freagarrach (Barnardo’s) up to the age of 15 yrs. In addition, it was played with success at Parent’s Support Groups at Freagarrach.

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