Edinburgh:2050 initial findings published

Edinburgh should be a city full of opportunity and innovation with no barriers to achievement, according to the initial findings of a city-wide campaign.

Analysis of 5,700 views submitted so far towards the ‘2050 Edinburgh City Vision’ has been published (Wednesday 1 February).

The initial feedback, which has been summarised into four emerging themes, reveals residents, businesses and organisations in the Capital want Edinburgh to be an ‘inspired, connected, fair and thriving city’ in 2050.

Andrew Kerr, City of Edinburgh Council Chief Executive, said:

A great city is one which commits to sharing success and improving the well being and life experience of all its citizens. The feedback so far confirms the Edinburgh of 2050 should be a place without poverty or barriers to achievement, where instead a good quality of life is a basic requirement enjoyed by all.

This is a vision for the city by the city and I thank everybody who has taken the time to share their Vision for Edinburgh. There is still much work to be done and the next few months will be a busy time for the project as we prioritise activities to engage our young people. We will be speaking with up to 4,000 school children to hear their views and undertaking curriculum-based activities alongside work with our Universities and Colleges. After all, it is the students of 2017 who will be our city leaders in 2050.

The initial findings were debated by pupils at Portobello High School today.

Pippa Watson, Head Girl at Portobello High School, said:

It’s really important that young people are involved in Edinburgh 2050 City Vision as we are going to be the adults of the future. We should be involved early in the process as we can bring different viewpoints to issues such as transport and the environment.

Liz McAreavey, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, sits on the City Vision steering group. She added:

I believe we need a bold and clear vision to carry us through what will be a period of considerable change – not just for the city, but for the UK as a whole. Edinburgh has the opportunity to thrive as a Capital City if we have a clear view and a sense of direction. We all have the duty and responsibility to contribute to this vision which will shape the future of our city.

Edinburgh’s Vision so far for 2050:

An Inspired City

From the Enlightenment, Edinburgh has been a city that sets out to inspire the world.

The Edinburgh of 2050 will be a city renowned for its creativity and ingenuity, building on its reputation as a premier destination for culture, education and innovation.

A Connected City

Connections are at the core of how a city is lived in and how its people interact with each other. In 2050, Edinburgh will be a city built around shared spaces which create opportunities for understanding, for friendship, and for the exchange of ideas.

A Fair City

A city which improves the well being and life experience of all its citizens without barriers to achievement. A city where poverty has been eradicated and a good quality of life is a basic requirement which should be enjoyed by all.

A Thriving City

The skills of the city’s people and global industries have been at the core of Edinburgh’s success over the past thirty years. In 2050, Edinburgh will be a place of opportunity and ambition where prosperity is built from high quality education, where innovators and entrepreneurs can achieve unlimited success.

The 2050 Edinburgh City Vision campaign has been inviting people to share their vision for the future since it launched in September 2016. It will continue running until summer 2017. The initial responses will be refined, consulted on further, agreed and published this summer. For more information and to share your views on Edinburgh’s future, visit edinburgh.org/2050.

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