Kaleidoscope: Local Poetry

Welcome to Kaleidoscope your source for arts and entertainments created in Wester Hailes by local people! Here is some new poetry sent into us by one of our community reporters.


Yon sparrow feels not the cold
for his blood is hot and bold
his wee heart is bravely equal to this Atlantic gale
so he will survive this Freeze
while I shiver and sneeze.


A jackass called Norman
made a pass at a lass called Norma
“Yir name is the same as mine withoot the second letter N”.
“So what!” Norma replied “N is fir Numpty, ken?”

“Fire in the Hole”

Nigel Grosskirchen locked himsel in the kitchen
fur the sneb on the scullery door jammed
Nigel climbed oot the windy but got stuck
so the FIRE BRIGADE hud tae rescue his dumb ass!

G. Hendry February 2017

If you have written something, it could be anything from a poem to a short story, and would like to put it on the Digital Sentinel then please get in touch at digitalsentinel@whalearts.co.uk or call Craig on 0131 458 3267. You can also submit a story directly on our website.

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