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Welcome to Kaleidoscope your source for arts and entertainments created in Wester Hailes by local people! Here is some new poetry sent into us by one of our community reporters.


A guy bocht a poke o Idaho totties
plankin them in a cool dry cubbyhole in the lobby
Tam Bogle cooked them mony ways for they simmer well, dinny disintegrate
and are floory wi nae nubbins.
Aye they mak braw mash too wi a drap o milk an butter mixed in
furthermore the Idahos when parboiled slice well tae be fried wi an egg
fur yir Fruhstuck

(Translation: Idaho U.S.A – the “Potato State” / Poke – bag / totties – potatoes/ cubbyhole – cupboard, often a former coal-hole / lobby – hallway in a flat /
floory – floury / nubbins – hardlumps / Fruhstuck – breakfast (German)


It is fair to say that no-one has a good word for Fidel Castro today
nor when I was kid in the Cold War listening to Radio Moscow in dark of night
I will say a good word for Fidel –

G.Hendry February 2017

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