SCOREScotland Does it Again

Once again my favourite event of the year returned; The SCOREscotland Multi-Cultural Event at the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. This is always a must not miss gathering, the last one I attended at the Corn Exchange for the Digital Sentinel was a great night. So I knew that this year’s was always going be a another.

This year it started at 3.00pm right through to midnight. As usual they had stalls in the foyer attended by CHAI, Scottish Fire brigade with a Fire Engine outside, Police Scotland had a very busy information stall just inside the hall with lots of freebies. There was a  also a very interesting stall on recycling T-shirts to make different items of clothing.

The great thing about a SCOREscotland event is they can certainly bring people together. Right from the word go the event was very busy. It is always very family orientated so no surprise many of the events on the programme reflected this.

The Ceilidh was the first thing to get people up on the dance floor and once people started to get the hang of performing the dances ably assisted and helped by very detailed instructions. People were soon whirling and Skirling around the floor. The children certainly got right in to the swing of it.

Of course no Score Scotland event is complete without food and once again they came through. The first of 2 sessions of food opened up with a great selection of nibbles and sauces to dip in too.

The Ceilidh pretty much lasted till early evening and once again to the evening meal I will let my pictures tell the story of that once again amazing food served by lovely people.

I managed to stay untill the African drummers came on and grab some food but as I had been there since the start I was beginning to flag a bit. So I do apologise that I never lasted for the disco which I am sure someone will have pictures off, but this old fella had to home! Once again a great night thanks Score Scotland.

Food and music and dance is a great way to get people together and meet to talk to have fun make new friends and connections, and Score Scotland certainly have the perfect recipe for this.

Story submitted by David Jacobs for the Digital Sentinel.

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