Therapeutic group for parents with learning disabilities

A therapeutic group for parents with learning disabilities run by Bright Light Relationship Counselling is now open for referrals.

The group meets at the WHALE Arts Centre on Wednesdays during school term time from 9:30-11am. They would love to hear from people who are interested in attending.

The group is facilitated by Linsey Revell and Lora Thomson, who are counsellors and systemic practitioners, and who practice as family counsellors at Bright Light. During sessions they spend time talking together, about family and family life, the highs and lows, “good days and bad days”. The themes they talk about include loss, our mental health, and how to support each other.

They also drink tea and eat toast. The group say: “We love it!”

If you are interested please get in touch with Lora or Linsey by email or phone. They can come and meet you to tell you more about the group and introduce themselves.

Contact Details:
Group email:
Linsey’s email:
Lora’s email:
Phone: Bright Light on 0131 556 1527 – they’ll pass the message onto Linsey and Lora.

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