Raising Teens with Confidence

Raising Teens with Confidence a new course which aims to give parents and carers time to explore how they can best support their teenage children to navigate increasing independence and develop confidence, security and resilience, as well  as promote emotional wellbeing in themselves, will be running at Wester Hailes Education Centre from Monday 23 April 2018.

The teenage years can often feel like being on a rollercoaster for parents, carers and young people – plenty of highs, lows and uncertainty about what might be round the corner! The many physical, emotional and behaviour changes that occur mean that adolescence can be a time of vulnerability as well as a time of great opportunity for young people.

Drawing on the latest research and findings around what helps support emotional wellbeing throughout life, the course will give you an opportunity to explore with other parents how the teenage years can be a time for the whole family to ‘thrive rather than just survive’(Siegel 2014)!

The six session course will be held at Wester Hailes Education Centre on Monday 23rd April until Monday 28th May and cover the following topics:

The Teenage Years: Why What You Do Matters!
The Amazing Teenage Brain: What’s Going on in There?
Risky Business: Managing Adventure, Risk and Resilience.
It’s Good to Talk: The Importance of Staying Connected.
The Brain Under Stress: Overcoming Setbacks and Promoting Resilience
Looking After Your Own Wellbeing: Coping with the Changes.

There are limited places for the course so if you are interested please contact Alan Stewart on 0131 442 2201 or email alan.stewart@ea.edin.sch.uk.


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