Prospect seeking new members

Prospect Community Housing are looking for 30 new members to join them in their 30th year to help achieve their vision of providing homes and building communities together!

As a community based housing association we want to encourage wide membership from all parts of the local community. Prospect members have the opportunity to influence decisions, and to shape how we manage our homes and run the organisation. Being a member means you can attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting. In our 30th year we would love to have 30 new members. Membership only costs £1.

You can apply to be a Prospect member if you are aged 16 or over and you

  • Are a tenant of Prospect


  • Live elsewhere in the West Edinburgh area


  • Live outside West Edinburgh but have a genuine interest in the work of Prospect.

You can download their membership application form here.

For more information or to request a membership application form, please contact Prospect on 0131 458 5480 or email

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