Harvest Celebration and Cycling Skills with SCOREscotland

Community Reporter Sindy Santos has been out and about and this time stopped at SCOREscotland for some cycling activities and their Harvest celebration.

SCOREscotland’s Green Futures project offers Cycling programmes for all ages, like Play on Pedals, a block of sessions designed for under 5s. The next one will be this Saturday 20th October 2018 there are still some free spaces but booking is essential.

Under their motto of Strengthening Communities for Race Equality, SCOREscotland has been successfully operating in West of Edinburgh for the last 10 years. They work with partners to address the causes of racism and provide support to families and young people who struggle with its effects. Their goal is to strengthen communities and to enable people to take an active and full part in community life.

Their Green Futures Project is always eager to show how easy it is to take action, stay healthy and save the earth for the next generation.

I have what some people would call mixed race kids. I would personally avoid any qualifier that modifies or restricts one person from another, since everyone is mixed already, being from a mixture of non-identical human beings, who themselves come from a different couple and so on and on. Anyways, what I wanted to say is thanks to that, we take advantage of both parts of SCOREscotland programme.

Just before continuing, let me add a pinch of verbalism, something along the lines that has to be read with rhythm

“I questioned myself:
Why on earth has to be
Minority groups?
If there’s only 1 World
We breathe in the same air!
Then I saw it. It works. It’s clever,
I liked it.
It’s real, it’s joy
Whenever you join
Get a sense of belonging.
Wherever you come from
It feels like home.
Everything they do is new.
Come on and see
Get your point of view”

Hats off SCOREscotland, once more they have delivered. I haven’t even recovered from the outstanding Gala Day in the spring time and just attended their Autumn Harvest Festival.


Certainly time flies, lots of events have taken place since then. And there was me, trying to fit as many as possibly into our busy agenda. SCOREscotland didn’t let us down, friends and family benefited from most of it and now can’t wait for what comes next. I have to say the Swap Clothes Shop was one of my favourites. Who doesn’t have clothes lying down around at home unused and taking up room? We keep them just in case but still buy more every season. Let’s do it, let’s swap, it will be fun and is great for the environment in the long run.

The Gala Day was first class, it ticked all the boxes. There was healthy food, live music, arts and crafts out of recycled materials, face painting and the ancient art of Henna. Oh yeah, that was just right up my street!

The idea of carrying out a Harvest Festival is so smart. Children could actually see where products they eat come from; cook them from scratch with their families and neighbourhood. After all the effort the community has put into growing fruit and vegetables this year, their work has definitely paid off. A big display of fruit and veg was shown on the day and goody bags gifted at the end.

The majority of people usually enjoy food the most but for my family is more about the entertainment side and I have to say Saturday was brilliant. The gorgeous Mara Menzies was the real Star. No wonder she is known as one of Scotland’s best loved performance storytellers.

In a matter of minutes she took us all on a journey around the world, everyone’s putting their heads together trying to find out where Maize came from. It had engaging performance, interactive audience and unique themes full of details, facts and real history. At one point I saw kids and adults looking like they’d been hypnotised, being the protagonists of the story, to be awoken with a rhyming song, she even had us standing and dancing around, what best way to finish up.

Before slightly changing subject, a special mention to the SCOREscotland children’s clubs I discovered last year. The older ones, KCYC (Knot and Crosses Youth Club) have created a touching Documentary about Climate Change and looking after our own planet.

I booked my 7 year old in for the younger ones last year, and that was a real winner. The KCCC (Knot and Crosses Children’s Club) always has something on, on a Friday afternoon during school term as well as an interesting summer programme. The best bit for me was I could spend more quality time with my two other children with the peace of mind that my eldest was being well looked after in a fun and educational environment. What else could you ask for?

Well, without asking, but offering, the Development Officer, Jolly approached me one day. The friendliest member of the staff, helpful and calm, in contrast with me who is always rushing about. I had no choice but to listen to what she had to say. And that’s how something new and unexpected started:

Cycling Training and Bike Rides. Oh no said a part of me but, wait a minute! I must have been secretly preparing for this moment. We’ve been out whatever the weather and just completed the 10 weeks Level 1 and 2 in Cycling Training.

I taught both of my girls how to ride a bike when they were 4, I didn’t teach them cycling though. They are now 5 and 7 and thanks to this course they have gained extra skills: The M-check and ABC check of the bike before departing, life saver, signal and joining the traffic as an ally not with fear. Their aim is to create confident cyclists, to use it as a way of travel, fighting pollution and keep healthy while having fun along the way.

I took it as an opportunity to gain confidence in being in the traffic as I have driven in Spain for many years but on the other side of the road, so this was a great chance to get out and a about on the right side, that means the left!

To top it up, they referred me to Cycling Scotland and I successfully got a Cycling Training Assistant certificate. There is also an Activity Leader Course coming up at the end of this month delivered by Cycling UK.

If you are interested in any of those or Play on Pedals for preschoolers, the next session run by the Green Futures Project in partnership with Cycling UK  will take place next Saturday 20th October, 10.30am to 12.30pm where every child will train for 30 minutes. Bikes and helmets are provided. Older siblings total beginners are welcome but will need to bring their own bike. It is a great opportunity for first time learners. My 2 year old can’t wait to go back!

Please contact SCOREscotland if you would like to book a free course, to access their services or any other related information on

0131 4422341 jolly@scorescotland.org.uk

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