Home Grown with Edible Estates

Edible Estates are launching new ‘Home Grown’ groups across the city as part of there new Home Grown project.

Offering support to local families interested in learning how to grow their own vegetables, fruit, herbs, edible flowers, whether on windowsills, balconies or in their own garden.

The groups are currently offering a limited number of free windowsill starter packs to local families who would like one. There are weekly ‘how to’ videos, learning resources organised in units to work through and ‘experts’ who you can ask for advice. Folk can share how they are getting on as the growing seasons progress and there are fun activities for children, or adults to try out at home. Get involved and join the fun.

Wester Hailes & Calders Home Grown

Other groups across the City are:

Longstone Home Grown
Hutchison Home Grown
Broomhouse Home Grown
Craigmillar Home Grown
Leith & Lochend Home Grown
Magdalene, Bingham & Christians Home Grown

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