Wester Hailes Lockdown Pentathlon: Challenge Two

The Wester Hailes Fun Run Planning Group would like to present the second challenge of the Lockdown Pentathlon, a standing long jump.

Watch the video below give it a try. Email your longest jump to:


Remember, you measure from the line you jumped from to the nearest bit of your body to that line. (So if you step or fall backwards you’ve reduced the distance you’ve jumped).

Each week a different challenge will be posted on the Digital Sentinel for five weeks (making five events).

It’s designed to get you active and moving. You’ll have seven days to do the challenge, and you can try it as many times as you like. After the deadline at the end of the week, we’ll post an online, ‘Leader Board’ showing the best results and current standings.

The Wester Hailes Lockdown Pentathlon is organised by Prospect Community Housing, SCOREscotland and Harmeny Athletics Club, Clovenstone Community Centre, The Health Agency, Open Heavens Church, City of Edinburgh Council, and Space. The event is aimed for young people aged 14 and under. You can register online here.

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