WHALE Arts Recruiting WHALES MALES Group Facilitator

WHALE Arts are recruiting a Group Facilitator for their WHALES MALES Making Group.

The post is temporary working part-time, 3 hours per week with a salary of £25 per hour until the end of March 2022.

We are looking for a freelance Making Group Facilitator– someone who can support a group of men to engage in practical and creative making projects. 

The person we are looking for…

  • is calmwell-organised and kind
  • is hard-working and a good team player.
  • treats people fairly and values the contributions others make
  • appreciates diversity, and is open-minded and inclusive.  

The person we are looking for will have experience of…

  • Working with tools – hand tools and powertools 
  • Woodwork or joinery, carpentry, sculpture or other similar skill set
  • Health and Safety within a workshop setting
  • Working with people 
  • Facilitating groups for adults 
  • Working in a community setting 
  • Delivering projects within a given budget 
  • Monitoring and evaluating projects 

They will also need to have… 

  • The ability to build trust and to welcome all people including those from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds facing additional barriers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An understanding of mental health and wellbeing and the specific challenges facing men 
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • self-motivation and the ability to use their own initiative 
  • Empathy and kindness

Ideally but not essential, they will have…

  • A knowledge of Wester Hailes 
  • An understanding of the issues facing people living in areas of deprivation 
  • Experience in using the arts to address community issues

Confidence can sometimes hold us back from applying for a job – we don’t want this to be the case for you. However you identify and whatever background you bring, if this role feels like something that would make you excited about getting up and coming to work then please apply! 


  • To apply for this role we would like you to anwer 3 questions – see below 
  • You can submit your answers as a written doument or an audio recording or a video
  • Written documents should be no more than 2 pages (A4)
  • Audio and Video recordings should be no more than 4 minutes long
  • We also need you to provide details of two referees, including at least one previous employer
  • Please send your application, in whatever format you choose, by email to recruitment@whalearts.co.uk using WHALE’S Males Making Group Facilitator in the subject line. Please include details of your referees in your email.

Please don’t send questions about the role to this email address as it will not be monitored on a daily basis. We are happy to answer any questions about this role and questions should be sent to Kirsty Franklandkirsty@whalearts.co.uk



We are looking for someone who is an experienced maker – whether that be woodwork, metal work, sculpture or another form of making. We want to find someone who can start with an idea and turn it in to a finished product and someone who is comfortable and confident using a range of hand and power tools. 

We would like you to tell us about your experience of making. For example…

  • Tell us what sort of materials you work/have worked with and what sort of things you like to make?
  • Tell us about the types of tools you are used to working with? 
  • Give us an example of a project you have worked on from start to finish?
  • Tell us about some of the challenges you have faced in the making process and how you have overcome these?


We need someone who can work well with people from diverse backgrounds. Someone who can help and support other people to realise their own ideas. We need someone who is patient and calm, has a good working knowledge of health and safety in a workshop setting and can support, educate and assist people to use tools safely. 

Please give us some examples from your life or work when you have had to…

  • Support others to complete a creative/making project
  • Help others to use tools safely 
  • Deal with a challenging situation in a workshop or group setting 


The overall aim of this project is to support positive wellbeing for a group a men through engaging them in making activities. How this project develops will be shaped by the needs and wants of the men involved but ultimately you will be driving this project forward. 

We would like you to tell us why you think you’d be great in this role. You can give examples of… 

  • When you have worked creatively with people and have made an improvement in their lives
  • Helped others to achieve their goals
  • Any experience you have of supporting people with their wellbeing 
  • Any examples of transferable skills that you think would be relevant
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