South West Edible Estates Announce Success of Stage One Scottish Land Fund Application

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South West Edible Estates are delighted to announce the success of their Stage One application to the Scottish Land Fund, which enables them to progress with feasibility work regarding the development of the proposed Community Hub on the Greenway between Murrayburn and Hailesland.

We are particularly pleased that this has come at a time where Wester Hailes local place planning and regeneration work is taking place. Community Enterprise and Calum Duncan Architects have been appointed to lead the feasibility work, which is set to begin in January.

The proposed site which will be studied in the feasibility study is adjacent to the Greenway running between  the Murrayburn and Hailesland neighbourhoods. The site is approximately 525m2, it is owned by the City of Edinburgh Council. The site is nearby to the neighbourhood garden which SWEE have constructed in the Greenway.

The Greenway Community Hub would be a community hub which would work in tandem with the neighbourhood garden to support local community cohesion, resilience, and capacity building. The feasibility study would investigate what functions and facilities the hub could provide, but it would include at a minimum:

  • A room for meetings, meals and events for residents of Dumbryden, Murrayburn & Hailesland;
  • A small kitchen;
  • Toilet and washing facilities for the neighbourhood garden and children’s activities.

They will also explore the opportunities to establish a community workshop at the site, and perhaps a larger community enterprise catering kitchen/cafe.The project would require the long term lease or purchase of the site, and the funds to build and establish the hub. The building would have low running costs, opportunities for revenue raising through renting for events, and be secured by shutters at night.

For more info about the upcoming Feasibility Study, Business Plan, and Architect Feasibility Study visit their website.

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