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Prospect Community Housing have released the Summer 2022 edition of their newsletter Prospectus.

The newsletter contains photos of entries to their garden contest and the news that the winner of the contest will receive B&Q vouchers as well as the the Sheila Bunt Gardening award. Sheila was one of Prospect’s founding members over 30 years ago, and was a Prospect tenant in Clovenstone until she sadly passed away earlier this year. Prospect has been working with Sheila’s family to design the award as a way to commemorate all she did for the community.

The newsletter also contains information on the exciting return of the Fun Run, information on how to set up a recurring rent payment, an update on the benefits and welfare support on offer to Prospect tenants and also how to take part in ongoing consultations and let Prospect know what you think of their services.

You can view an embedded version of the newsletter below:


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