SCOREscotland Annual General Meeting

SCOREscotland is inviting all their members to their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 6th July at 6.30pm, WHALE Arts Centre.


If you are a member and need to renew your membership OR if you would like to become a member with SCOREscotland. Please click here.

All members have the right to come to general meetings, to hear what the company has been doing, and to vote on general company business. Together with other members you also have the right to request a general meeting is held, if there is business you wish discussed, or to ask for a matter to be put on the agenda of the meeting.  You are also entitled to copy of the company’s annual report and accounts.  If you are an adult member, you also have the opportunity to appoint the company’s directors.  

The directors are the people who manage the company on the members’ behalf. They are accountable to you. As an adult member you may even have the opportunity to stand as a director yourself, if you’re really keen.  The rules about membership are explained much more fully in the company’s Articles of Association (constitution). They place a limit upon the number of Category B members at any one time. This is to ensure that black and minority ethnic people will always make up the majority of the members. 

Please visit SCOREscotland’s website for further details and complete the necessary documents if you would like to attend by Thursday 29th June.

SCOREscotland AGM Invitation
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