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Prospect Community Housing are pleased to be awarded a grant from the Digital Pioneers Housing Fund to deliver a new project “Link Up” which is aimed at people who think going online might be too difficult.

The project is helping Prospect tenants to connect to information, groups and networks that improve their confidence and digital skills. Link Up offers one to one support within the person’s home or at a venue they feel comfortable in. There is also the chance to attend local drop-in support in small friendly groups. And there is access to free devices and connectivity. The project is being delivered in partnership with Whale who are providing the digital skills support through their Digital Inclusion Lead.

Link Up has been funded through SCVO’s Digital Pioneers Housing Fund as part of the Scottish Government’s Digital Inclusion Programme aimed at helping people to access online support services, initially in mental health and housing services. The thirteen projects, which bid to be one of the ‘Digital Pioneers’, will develop, test and implement programmes to help people access the services they need online to support their health and wellbeing.

The £600,000 first phase of the programme is being delivered in partnership with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. It will benefit more than 1,500 people by building skills and confidence, as well as devices to support access to digital services in mental health and housing. It is expected that following the programme, which will run for two years, a shared understanding and learning of how best to support digital inclusion in mental health and housing will be created.

 Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Health and Social Care, Michael Matheson said:

Supporting people to feel more digitally confident so they can access the services they need online is absolutely vital and it is one of our long-standing commitments.

 This programme will see models tested that will help so many people gain the skills they need to improve their own health and know how to access the support that is available to them.

You can read more about the Digital Pioneers Fund and the project who have received awards on the Scottish Government’s website.

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