Community Wellbeing Collective Migrant Workers Rights Anchor Event

The Community Wellbeing Collective will be holding a special Anchor event on Migrant Workers Rights on Saturday 28 October 2023, 12.00pm – 4.00pm as part of their October Programme.

The event titled: “Mental Health, Migration and Rights For All” is described as:

Many people are emotionally affected by exploitation or traumatic experiences at work. It can be especially difficult for migrants to protect their rights at work due to precarity, lack of information or language barriers. People born in Scotland also experience these issues and it is important that we strengthening understanding and connection across cultures and make change together

This event is created by Community Wellbeing Collective Members affected and invited collaborators. Everyone has an opportunity to learn and to express themselves, drawing out the wisdom of lived experience in the room.

You can read the Community Wellbeing Collective’s full October programme below. All activities are free and take place in the Wellbeing Space at Westside Plaza. For more information contact the Collective on or pop into the Space and speak to one of their members.

Migrant Workers Rights Anchor Event
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