Wester Hailes Health Agency move to the new Healthy Living Centre

5 weeks in now in our new home in the Healthy Living Centre at Harvesters Way and how are we settling in? Well, the building is very modern with lots of glass which lets lots of light in. After coming from our secluded ramshackle old building in Dumbryden, we now find ourselves in  a very large and busy reception area. We are certainly at the forefront of things which will take a bit of getting used to.

We seem to be much busier, which means obviously more people are aware of us , plus we seem to be getting more referrals from other agencies.

The massage therapy side of our work is now up and running in our nice new treatment rooms. The therapists are certainly appreciating the electric treatment table, which makes it much easier for people to use. Also the rooms are much bigger and brighter and having access to 2 of them means more people can be treated which gives us more flexibility.

Our other groups are also coming together now, and we are now able to produce a new What’s On leaflet, albeit a reduced version until we are fully operational.

The move itself went fairly well, despite a few stressful moments. But now all the boxes are unpacked and we are organising and restarting business as usual. We are still having a few teething troubles with the new building and until the snagging is completed we are not quite running at full speed but we have been assured it will be done quickly. In the video interview below some members of staff talk about the move.


You can find out more about the services that the Wester Hailes Health Agency offer here http://www.whhealthagency.co.uk/

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