Stop That Bus!

Stop That Bus! was the cry at the Wester Hailes Community council meeting held at the Wester Hailes Library on Wednesday the 14th of August. The meeting, attended by Lothian Buses, City of Edinburgh Council, Sighthill/Parkhead Community Council and Wester Hailes Community Council members was held to discuss access routes to the new Healthy Living Centre by bus, particularly the number 30 which passes the HLC on the Wester Hailes Road.

Access to the new Healthy Living Centre is currently limited for people who have walking or other disabilities until the underpass entrance at the Westside Plaza car park has been fully opened up. Until such time as British Telecom has moved a major fibre optic cable, access through the Underpass is by stairs near the train station entrance. Anyone with mobility problems or wheelchair users have to arrive by car or taxi, or walk up from the number 30 bus stop on the busy Wester Hailes Road.

The meeting discussed possible options to re-route the number 30 bus to provide easier access to the new HLC.

Earlier in the day Wester Hailes Community Council member John Aitchison was interviewed by the Digital Sentinel about some of the options to be discussed. The full interview can be seen here

The 3 main options for the bus route changes would be

  • 1          After the bus stop at the Odeon Cinema the bus could turn in to the HLC car park, drop people off and exit back on to the Wester Hailes Road.
  • 2          Turn in towards the HLC but then turn right to go up Harvesters Way (a slightly more complicated manoeuvre)
  • 3      As the bus comes past the HLC there is a slight turn in which could be made in to a bus stop. A crossing could be put in across Harvesters Way for easy access to the HLC. People leaving the HLC could also use this crossing to catch the bus coming back down Harvesters Way.

The meeting was well attended and all parties seemed interested in the options discussed. The meeting adjourned outside to look at the existing bus routes and  the possible route changes.

Both Lothian Buses and the City of  Edinburgh Council felt there was an option available and stated that after further surveys of the routes they would get back to the Wester Hailes Community Council as soon as possible.

Update: subject to official confirmation this reporter has heard that a solution has been found and will be confirmed in the near future.

Map of the suggested bus stop change
Agenda from the community council meeting

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