SCOREscotland are looking for volunteers

SCOREscotland is looking for volunteers to help them run some of their projects.

One of these projects is the Green Futures Project.

The project aims to raise awareness of Climate change amongst Black or Minority Ethnic (B/ME) in South West Edinburgh and encourage and support them to take actions in their daily lives, which both reduce their carbon emissions and have a positive impact on their own lives, their families and their communities.
We will be running some Social events throughout the year to publicise the project and raise awareness of climate change and positive actions which the community can take.  We will be offering Energy Efficient Advice home appointments to reduce energy usage in the home and save money on their fuel bills, Fuel Efficient Driving Lessons to reduce car usage and emissions and again save money on fuel costs.  We will also be offering Cycling Workshops and Walking Groups for women starting in April and May.

Are you cold in your home and wonder how you can afford your bills? Then SCOREscotland may be able to help you.

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